Do you want to make your home more balanced and peaceful? There are many best feng shui indoor plants that can help! In this post, we will present the best feng shui indoor plants for creating balance in your home. We will also discuss which best feng shui plant is best for each room of the house.

How Plants Bring Positive Energy into the Home

Plants, in a nutshell, are living things that can revitalize tired, weakened, and lifeless areas. They’re always evolving and developing, which allows individuals to take action and get things going in any area of their life.

Plants add natural beauty and vitality to any area, which is one of the five primary feng shui elements. This generates and promotes energy of excellent health, development, and adventure.

The air purifying characteristics of plants help to maintain ideal oxygen levels, which is critical for health and well-being. Greenery also brings Mother Nature’s vibrant, life-giving vitality into the space, and everyone benefits from that.

The Bagua: What Is It and How Does It Affect You?

The bagua is a feng shui energy map that depicts the internal structure of a home. It aids in the identification (and modification) of certain aspects of one’s life that are connected to specific rooms in their house.

The bagua has nine sections:

  1. wealth and prosperity
  2. fame and reputation
  3. relationships
  4. family and physical health
  5. spiritual health and well-being
  6. children and creativity
  7. knowledge and personal growth
  8. career
  9. travel and connections

The bagua’s regions thrive on particular feng shui components. The ‘family and physical health’ sector, which is positioned on the east side of your property, is favorable to the wood element (plants) and water element (a fountain), but it cannot tolerate too much fire (a fireplace) or metal (metal shelving).

Best Feng Shui Indoor Plants

Here are some examples of the best plants to use to follow feng shui principles and where to best put them.


The aesthetically appealing calathea is a popular ornamental house plant that will brighten up your home’s “fame and reputation” sector (south on the Bagua map). It’s also an effective air purifier.


The air-purifying ficus is an excellent choice for the Bagua’s physical health aspect (east sector of your home). It’s also a taller plant, so it can make little habitats appear larger.

Hedgehog Aloe

The Hedgehog Aloe, like the snake plant, has sharp, succulent leaves and can provide a protective or energetic presence to a room. It’s also an excellent air purifier, which is beneficial for feng shui in general.

Money Tree

The Money Tree is one of the most popular feng shui plants, and it’s used to attract money and success. To get the most out of this plant, place your money plant in the southwest corner (the “wealth” sector on the bagua).


The modest Philodendron has a wonderful calming feng shui energy. It’s greatest placed in the southeast or east rooms of the home (the wealth and physical health areas, respectively, on the bagua map).


The air-purifying Pothos plant is a great way to spruce up sluggish or “dead” areas of your space, such as above the kitchen cabinet tops or forgotten corners. It’s extremely low-maintenance and will add a good vibe to your home (regardless if you forget to water it).

Rubber plant

The Rubber Tree plant is excellent at eliminating indoor pollutants and will thrive in the dining area. It also has a calm, soothing energy like the philodendron and will bring optimism to the southeast and eastern sides of the home.

Snake Plant

The sword-shaped snake plant, or Sansevieria, can be used as a protector and is ideal positioned near the front door or a large window. It’s also excellent in an office or home office since it adds a vibrant, concentrated energy to the area. Avoid having a snake plant in your bedroom or any place where kids may be sleeping.

Tapping into the bagua

By understanding some of the basic principles of feng shui and how they impact the plant choices you make in your home, you can have a more productive home with improved air quality and a feeling of balance.